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Information from Ertec Danmark about If and Marieholms portholes and gasket:
MR. Sam Shad is your contact for any question regard replacing  the old portholes with new original ones

Sam Shad
ERTEC Danmark ApS
Egestedvej 2B, DK-3320 Skaevinge, Denmark
Phone: +45 48 28 48 91, Fax: +45 48 28 48 92
Website: – email:

M26 portholes size for re-order

Gasket replace








From Joakim M33 brochure:











Assembling Manual  IfBoat SWEDEN











Newspaper Adverts:

from Sweden:








From UK:








from UK:








from Holland:








from Holland:









The following  articles with courtesy  of Brian  Archive

Yachting world June 1978 










Yacht and Boat Owner May 1978 









Yachting M. Southampton Boat Show Sept. 1978









Yacthing World April 1969









Yacthing Monthly 1969









Yacthing Monthly 1969









Yacthing Monthly 1976-77-79









Yacthing Monthly 1976


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